David Jabbari
Partner and Managing Director of Consumer Law

“I can recommend Tom Bailey very highly indeed. He is an energetic, forward-thinking and intelligent project manager who takes real ownership of projects. Tom always thinks pragmatically and is very focused on solutions and delivery. Tom’s strong lawyer background has enabled Tom to assume a role above and beyond typical project management, including advising on operational matters, recruitment and industry best practice. Tom is a highly personable individual, able to build strong and credible rapport with clients both within and outside the organisation. This is particularly valuable when it comes to energising internal teams to get things moving and delivered on schedule. Tom played a lead role for me in obtaining a large and complex Law Society conveyancing scheme accreditation.”

Martin MacDuff
Managing Director
Redbrick Solutions

“Tom Bailey is a knowledgeable, well connected and very commercially focused individual. His insight into the legal space has been of great value to Redbrick Solutions; he is a strategic thinker, excellent communicator and is entirely results driven.

Anyone serious about developing their business, whether it be through a strategic change of long-term direction or simply considering alternative ways of working, should have a conversation with Tom. He totally understands the relationship between a satisfied customer, a well-run operation and a profitable successful business.”

Michael Anderson
Head of Marketing
Brother UK

“One of our great challenges has been obtaining a real understanding of the legal market, gaining credible insights and applying these to our services and solutions.  As a result we hired the services of Tom from Best Practice to assist and guide us through the process.

It was clear from the outset that Tom had a wealth of knowledge and experience that we just couldn’t have obtained without his help. One of the most impressive things about the way Tom went about his consultation was rather than just focusing on the legal market, and feeding that back to us, Tom essentially audited our business from a product, services & solution point of view and then presented a series of recommendations as to how these offerings could be marketed to the legal sector. From a marketer’s viewpoint, this is a dream scenario.

Tom has also been proactive in terms of educating our sales team, running a training day to bring everyone up to speed on the latest market developments and highlighting the challenges for lawyers in today’s market. This knowledge has proved to be extremely value to us at subsequent legal events and seminars.

All reports and documents produced were of an extremely high level, and were presented back with a refreshing degree of enthusiasm. It has been a pleasure working with Tom, and I fully expect that we’ll be utilising his expertise again in the near future.”