Project Work

For Law Firms:

With the legal landscape having changed in fundamental ways over recent years, very few, if any, Law Firms can afford to “carry on regardless” in our estimation. LASPO, the arrival of the Alternative Business Structure (ABS) and the Grayling reforms in criminal law, are just some of the changes that will have profound and lasting effects on the profession.

Best Practice is busy assisting Law Firms in embracing these changes and future proofing their businesses in various ways including:

  • Improving efficiency through better use of technology
    • Improving efficiency through better use of human resources
    • Bespoke marketing/ business development advice
    • Assisting firms in adding to their service portfolio (typically to replace lost income)

For Suppliers to the legal sector:

At Best Practice, we view the increased pressure that lawyers are under, as an opportunity for Suppliers to make a meaningful impact. Whereas, in times gone by, a substantial saving might have been a “nice to have”, in the current market place the same saving can mean the difference between a profitable legal practice and, in the most extreme cases, redundancies or even closure.

We are therefore busy working with Suppliers to assist in making their products answer the needs of lawyers. Through our in depth understanding of the sector we are familiar with lawyers “pain points” and consequently are well placed to assess products and make recommendations, such that Suppliers can present their products as solutions to problems (as opposed to products per se). It is the important difference between “here is how we can help with your problem” verses “look at what this does”.

In the simplest scenario, Best Practice would assist Suppliers in cultivating a consultative sales methodology. This is often supplemented with sales team training.

In more substantial projects Best Practice would become involved in (or would lead) a sales and marketing strategy, often making use of both Law Firm and Supplier contacts to enable mutually beneficial partnerships.

If you would value an exploratory conversation to see if Best Practice can be of assistance, please contact us.